NOMU Guest Lecture

Yesterday, in our Business Strategy lecture, Paul Raphaely from Nomu came to talk to us. He spoke amazingly and managed to keep our whole class captivated with the story of Nomu and what they’re about. He said the name came about when his wife, Tracy, wanted to open a deli but she was a vegetarian. Paul pointed out that there would be no meat. (No moo, get it? It took our class a while). It turns out that in Japanese ‘nomu’ means to drink. He was very funny, and he said some very interesting things:

  • “People will drop R500 on butt-firming cream, but R35 for the most amazing rub ever is too expensive” – on consumers’ reactions to the price of Nomu’s rub
  • “A glass and a half of milk? Who gives a fuck?” – about the competing brands of hot chocolate, this was my personal favourite
  • “Don’t be scared to do damage” – to the industry and to yourself
  • R28442 for a one page ad in Food & Home – what the hell?
  • “If you’re not breaking through the clutter, you’re just adding to it ” – Nomu’s motto

All in all, it was a very entertaining lecture. Check out their website here, they even have an online store! Oh and check out their blog here. One last thing, do yourself a favour and watch their videos on youtube here, a slight rip-off of MasterChef, it’s hilarious! Thank to Paul and Nomu for a great lecture. X


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