2oceansvibe Guest Lecture

Today, in Business Strategy, Seth Rotherham came to talk to our fourth year class. If you don’t know who he is; he’s the founder and the CEO of 2oceansvibe media. He started the 2oceansvibe blog, which has been going for over 12 years now. He gave our class some interesting advice on creating common enemies and creating controversy to see who takes the bait. Seth says that 2oceansvibe is defined by the content and the advertising on the blog, and that this is driven by the readers. According to information on his website 2oceansvibe.com speaks to over a million unique readers every year (up to 250,000 unique readers a month), racking up 4.5 million page views a year. 17,000 people follow Seth on Twitter“. Very impressive! He also spoke about 2oceansvibe radio, a digital radio station, and explained to us the differences between people who listen to the radio in their car, on the way to and from work, and people who choose to listen to 2ovfm during the day. You can tune in to 2ovfm here. It was a very interesting lecture, Seth had our whole class captivated. X


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