Thesis Update

Kirsten, Dinika and I are writing our Thesis on The Influence of Word-of-Mouth and Reference Groups on Top End Consumers in South Africa when making High-Involvement Purchases. Yes, it’s quite a mouthful.

Last Friday we handed in our Thesis Literature Review, Methodology and Questionnaire. I’m still having horror-flashbacks from the lack of sleep and stress that this deadline caused. On Thursday, about 20 hours before handin, my car decided to have a little rest on the side of the road. By ‘have a little rest’ I mean it decided to come to a sudden stop and refuse to start again. Lovely. I thought I had run out of petrol and phoned my dad to come and rescue me (yes, daddy’s girl). After fetching 5l of petrol, my car still wouldn’t start. Eventually we had to call Outsurance to tow my car away and we had a teary goodbye. [Little shout-out to Outsurance, great service! Your driver was on the scene within 15 minutes as promised. Thank you.]

So after eventually getting home and gathering my emotions after the loss of my car, I had to get back to work. And by work I mean back to Dinika’s house where Kirsten and her were working. So off I went, thinking we only had a few hours of work left to do. Silly Jess.

I met Prince Harry the cat. A gorgeous creature who is a perfect distraction from referencing a million journal articles. Kirsten, Dinika and I shared many bonding experiences throughout the night. Kirst shared the song that she dances around in the dark to, and we all joined in. We managed to have a couple of power naps, but on rotation so that at any one point during the night at least one of us was working. We had Steri Stumpies, and too much Redbull. Dinika overdosed on FutureLife. It was a fun evening.

In the end, we did manage to finish in time. Big thank you to Kirst and Dinika for being great thesis partners. I feel like we learnt alot; how to run and manage focus groups, what to do when you haven’t received approval from the Ethics Commitee, how to survive a week with minimal sleep, how to suffocate a cat with love and finally; how to manage our time and work well under pressure. Thanks girls, it was great. Can’t wait till the next handin. I got a bit carried away.X


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