Zille’s Amazing Response

Jacob Zuma can clearly learn a thing or two from DA leader Helen Zille. Apparently a naked photo of Zille has appeared on Facebook. Some guy called William ANCYL posted the picture and he is refusing to take it down. He posted a picture of the body of a rather elderly woman, with Helen Zille’s head photoshopped on, and a DA logo just covering her. You can see the photo here, thanks to 2oceansvibe. Zille, pictured above with Jacob Zuma, responded to the photo amazingly, much better than Zuma, and she told The Star Newspaper:

“Now you can see why I try to cycle vigorously for an hour every day. I obviously need more than Botox.”
And that is how you respond to something like this. Well done Zille. This William ANCYL guy claims that it is revenge for Brett Murray’s painting of President Zuma called The Spear, see previous post here. I’m rather confused William, I’m not quite sure what Helen Zille had to do with that painting. I thought Brett Murray would be the guy? But hey, who I am to say. Obviously the ANCYL feels Zille is somehow responsible. So silly. What do you think? How does Zuma’s response to The Spear compare to Zille’s?


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