I recently found this article online, called 5 Things to Un-learn from School. I found it realy interesting because I found the transition from school to university quite strange. Coming from a relatively small school, to a lecture hall with 400 people is quite daunting. 
1. If you only do what you’re told, you’ll excel.
Real life, and work, require iniative that was never needed at school. Now, doing only what you’ve been told makes you average. Not excellent.  To excel you have to do what others are willing to do, even better, and do what others aren’t willing to do. It can be tough, but it’s better than being average. 
 2. Expect to be micro-managed.

Communicate before you are communicated to or with. Answer questions before the questions are asked of you. Demonstrate your value to the individual/company/task at hand before you are asked to prove your value. No one wants to micro-manage you. They definitely have better things to do with their time, and if you find you are being micro-managed at work or wherever, it’s probably because you need to be.

3. Your time off is the highlight

This was my favourite part of the article; if you feel like you endure the workingweek just to get to the weekend then you’re in the wrong place/business/industry. Find work you enjoy. You should definitely enjoy the majority of what you do in your professional life, otherwise you’re not living and you’re just working.

4. Critism means you failed
I really struggle with critism, I feel like I’m getting personally attacked, which is hardly ever the case. This article says you should see negative feedback as an opportunity to learn. In your job, when you get feedback you’re getting the opportunity to learn, and you’re being paid to do so.  

5. Success is based on toeing the line. 
If you want to achieve results that are different to everyone else, you have to think and act differenrly. Do some research, think critically and take risks!

I found this article really helpful, especially after just starting my first internship. It’s a big change from school and university, but I’m looking forward to graduating at the end of the year. X


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