Seth Godin’s Seven Marketing Sins

A while ago I stumbled upon Seth Godin’s blog. I’ve been trying to read more blogs and articles about marketing, so I subscribed and have been reading every post since then. This post, the ‘Seven Marketing Sins’ is my favourite so far. The yesterday my boss emailed me a random link, I clicked on it and it took me back to Seth’s Seven Marketing Sins.

Seth Godin was born in 1960, he is an American entrepreneur, an author (of 11 books) and a public speaker.  His blog is filled with interesting thoughts and advice for marketers, and I have really enjoyed it so far.

These are his seven sins of marketing:

  1. Impatience – Seth Godin says that great marketing takes time. He says that doing it wrong a couple of times costs far more than taking your time and doing it properly.
  2. Selfishness – Seth reminds his readers that customers have a choice, and if they feel that it is all about you and not them, they will go somewhere else.
  3. Being self-absorbed – Customers do not care about the business itself and its troubles as much as the peopl in the business do.
  4. Deceitful – Seth says that if you don’t tell the truth it is most probably because you’re selfish. (see selfishness above)
  5. Inconsistent – Your business should have a similar voice everytime it communicates with customers, whether they are listening or not.
  6. Anger – Why are marketers angry at their customers? They will take their business elsewhere.
  7. Jealousy – Seth reminds all marketers that there is someone doing better than you, there always is. Do not let it change your products, your attitude or your story because then customers will leave.

 Seth concludes with:

“Of course, they’re not marketing sins, they’re human failings. Humility, empathy, generosity, patience and kindness, combined with the arrogance of the brilliant inventor, are a potent alternative.”



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