So a few weeks before I left for Thailand I started an internship with Gigham. Gigham is a great events listing website for Cape Town, and very shortly they’ll cover Joburg too and then hopefully the rest of SA. Gigham was founded by George Gally (well-known designer, also from Radarboy) and Roach Roth (from AfricanDope),

Gigham is the answer to FOMO (fear of missing out), there are so many events listed; you’ll be amazed that this much goes on in our city! I’m surprised every day when I check out the events. Gigham allows you to filter events by date, area in Cape Town (more like the Western Cape) and then by one (ore more) of the sixteen categories. You login with Facebook, and then you cna see which of your friends are attending the events and various other exciting features. There are over 300 things to do in Cape Town this weekend! You can check Gigham out here, and you can find us on Facebook and Twitter.


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