Last Semester at UCT

So tomorrow my last semester at the University of Cape Town begins. Only a few months left and I’ll be graduating. This is quite a scary thought as I’m half way through my fifth year, I was beginning to wonder whether I’d ever get to this point. But I’m almost there. I have no idea what I’m going to be doing next year, could be interesting. I was thinking about first year now, and it really doesnt seem like it was over four years ago – and then I looked at photos! Oh my goodness, looked so young. Just before I started at UCT I decided to cut all my hair off, add that to the fact that I look about five years old and it’s pretty scary.

Looking back, first year was so much fun. (So much fun in fact, that it changed my degree from four years to five years haha). I’m pretty glad that I’ve grown up a bit, or at least I think I have, and I don’t look like a little kid anymore. I do love that all the friends in the photos I still am friends with today, and they all went to school with me. Love you Michelle, Emma, Kim and Laura. Thanks for the memories. X


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