Zapiro at UCT

Last night I was among the couple of hundred students who shad the priviledge of hearing Zapiro talk at the University of Cape Town as part of the Students for Law and Social Justice society. I’m not a law student or anything like that, so thankfully I have Emma, who informed me about this event. [I have mentioned Zapiro previously here, in regards to the Brett Murray painting of The Spear a few months ago]

Zapiro used his cartoons to tell us the story of how press and media in South Africa has changed since the Apartheid era, and how it is changing still today. He mentioned the protection of information bill and various other factors. He also touched on the numerous occasions that he has been sued (well kinda) by President Zuma, a recent case broke a world record as Zuma sued Zapiro for R5 million for three cartoons; making it R15 million in total. He spoke about his religious cartoons, and really explained his intentions behind many of the cartoons that caused controversy.

I had never seen him or heard him speak before, but after last night I have gained even more respect for this man. He is so real and geniune, and he is actually taking a stand on the problems in our country and holding our leaders accountable. He spoke about a phonecall with Nelson Mandela (after he had just drawn a not-so-nice cartoon of him), and he said Mandela’s response was “that’s your job”. I don’t think Zuma really feels the same way.

To browse all of Zapiro’s cartoons, click here. These are some of my favourites. X


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