Ogilvy Graduate Programme – Challenge 1

A few weeks ago I signed up for the Ogilvy Graduate Progamme competition. Yes, a competition. Basically Ogilvy are super cool and they’ve given final year students from various universities the opportunity to start a blog and impress them. They have some rules about the blog – using wordpress etc – so I couldn’t use this one. Instead I started Cape Town Veggies.

So last week, we got an email from Ogilvy saying they’ve had over 50 entries. Eeeek. And that they would be sending us challenges from time to time in order to get to know us better. The email contained challenge number 1; a few questions that we had to complete and we also had to submit a photo. These would be put up on the Ogilvy Facebook page, and their blog Blogilvy and Jogilvy. Here are the questions and my answers.

What’s your blog about (140 characters or less? It’s about vegetarian living in Cape Town,creating a community where people can share recipes & advice.Everything’s better when you’re together.
(if you actually count, thats 141 characters. oops)

What’s your dream job?
That’s pretty hard. My dream job would be something that is new, exciting and challenging every day. Definitely something with a creative aspect, it may be in strategy, maybe in client services, I’m just not too sure yet. I think not knowing exactly what I want to be doing gives me the opportunity to explore the industry more.

Sometimes I wish… that polar bears were friendly, snuggly animals, that we never experienced winter in Cape Town (summer all year round – yes please!), that there are more than 24 hours in a day, and mostly that my car had a bottomless petrol tank.

What are the blogs you visit for inspiration?
I visit quite a few, some of them are rather random and have nothing to do with being a vegetarian, it’s just nice to know what’s out there. I love StumbleUpon (www.stumbleupon.com), NOMU’s site is great (www.nomu.co.za), the Chubby Vegetarian (http://chubbyvegetarian.blogspot.com), LookBook CookBook (http://www.lookbookcookbook.com), The Daily Green (http://www.thedailygreen.com), and too many others to mention.

What’s your favourite digital piece/ad ever?

It’s very hard to pick one. I think Old Spice’s whole online campaign has been amazing. The unique responses to certain youtube comments just made it stand out among everything else.

On repeat… right now it’s Bloc Party, (so stoked for Rocking the Daisies!), Florence & the Machine, but mostly AWOLNATION – It’s not your fault.

How would you decorate your new Ogilvy desk?
Oooh, I love decorating. I’m so obsessed with cute storage ideas, so there would probably be quite a few little boxes everywhere. Some motivational pictures.

Definitely quite a few lists, I really like lists.Oh and at least one picture of a polar bear – love them.

So as you can see I totally mentioned my polar bear obsession, I maybe should’ve left that for later, and my love for storage. Oh dear. Anyway, hope you all have a lovely Tuesday. X


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