What I do

I’m a Business Science Marketing student at UCT, well not for much longer… graduating in December after just a couple more exams. I’m also a marketing intern for an awesome tech start-up called Gigham. What is Gigham you ask? Only THE coolest way to find out what’s happening in your site, everyday of the year. We have live sites in Cape Town, Jozi and a sparkling brand new site for Nairobi.

If you’re doubting our awesomeness (because I am a bit of a bias source) check out what Gabi Goldberg from Musical Mover had to say about us here, you can see how much Matt from Popcornography loved us here. You can also check out what Michelle from The Quick Red Fox thinks of our content here. We were featured on DEMO Africa here and Business Day had a little something to say about us here. And last but not least, MK seems to like what we do; read it here.
Do yourself a favour – go and check out Gigham for yourself. You can find us on Facebook and Twitter too.


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