Growing up

Found this article, 19 Things to Stop Doing In Your Twenties, here and thought it was pretty interesting.

1. Stop placing all the blame on other people for how they interact with you.

2. Stop being lazy by being constantly “busy.”

3. Stop seeking out distractions.

4. Stop trying to get away with work that’s “good enough.”

5. Stop allowing yourself to be so comfortable all the time.

6. Stop identifying yourself as a cliche and start treating yourself as an individual.

7. Stop expecting people to be better than they were in high school — learn how to deal with it instead.

8. Stop being stingy.

9. Stop treating errands as burdens.

10. Stop blaming yourself for being human.

11. Stop ignoring the fact that other people have unique perspectives and positions.

12. Stop seeking approval so hard.

13. Stop considering the same things you’ve always done as the only options there are.

14. Stop rejecting the potential to feel pain.

15. Stop approaching adverse situations with anger and frustration.

16. Stop meeting anger with anger.

17. Stop agreeing to do things that you know you’ll never actually do.

18. Stop ‘buying’ things you know you’ll throw away.

19. Stop being afraid.

Read more here.

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