Summer Essentials

Yesterday Rowan and I got back from an amazing roadtrip up the east coast, from Cape Town to Mossel Bay, Plett, Jeffrey’s Bay and finally to Addo Elephant Park. After spending seven days on the road, on the beach, in the sun, I can safely say that I’ve discovered my summer essentials.

nivea deep tanning oil1. Nivea Deep Tanning Oil.

Tarryn introduced me to this fantastic stuff a few years ago, I have never looked back. It keeps your skin moisturized while you’re in the sun, stops your from burning and it’s not heavy on your skin like other suncreens. (However, it only has an SPF 5, so it’s not ideal if you have sun-sensitive skin.)

nivea antiaging face2. Nivea Anti-Aging Face Sunscreen

After talking about the tanning oil, I do believe that your face (and hands) deserve something a bit stronger. I love this sunscreen because it doubled as my moisturizer while on the road trip. It’s not oily, which I appreciate. Also, I don’t think it’s ever too early to use anti-aging skincare, yes?

4slops3. My trusty flipflops.

These are are absolute essential. I took three other pairs of shoes with me on the roadtrip and I wore one of them, ONCE. These are my favourite flipflops, and perfect for roadtripping.

raybans4. Sunglasses

Quite obvious really. It’s summer, it’s sunny, you will die without them.


5. BB Cream

I’ve definitely posted about this amazing stuff before, but I can’t rave about it enough. If you haven’t tried it yet; what are you waiting for?

Those are my top five. I think I could survive another week with just those. And a bikini obvs. I love summer. Hope you’re all having a fabulous Friday.








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