I have sad news, I am no longer (f)unemployed. Well I say it’s sad, my bank balance will be very happy when it comes to pay day and I was starting to worry that nobody would ever employ me. The rest of me is a tiny bit sad, I was just getting used to having no responsibilities and getting to do whatever I wanted all day. Anyway, I started work yesterday at a company in Westlake. I’m replacing the Marketing Manager while she’s on maternity leave. It’s a bit scary – being my first real job that has something to do with my marketing degree. I’ll let you know how I feel after a few weeks. I am very excited about work clothes though, and power dressing. The office I’m working in is rather chilled but I’m still going to dress like I’m super hardcore in the business world, maybe it’ll magically fill my mind with super hardcore marketing industry knowledge? Ok, I’m kidding (kinda) but a blazer never hurt anyone.

work1 work2 work3 work4 work5


2 thoughts on “Funemployed

  1. Congratulations! I’m so proud of all of you! Every time I click onto my favourite blog this week I’ve been met with awesome career/business/self-actualisation news (I name Lauren, Kerry and now you.) Good luck with everything and I hope you kick their socks off! I reckon if you feel like wearing a staunch suit and tights and heels then do it! You’ll never have a “at my first real job” moment in your life again.

    All of the best.

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