Learning Curves


Too true. The trials, struggles and problems that we go through during our lives only make us stronger. It would be nice if life was smooth sailing forever, but what would we learn? The less than ideal experiences that we go through teach us to be grateful and appreciate what we have. Suffering teaches you to enjoy the little things in life more than you did before. Challenges make you stronger, and you’ll know exactly what to do next time a similar challenge comes along.

I’m finding that this quote really resonates at work. I’ve been in this job for just over a month, and I’m experiencing the steepest learning curve ever. I’ve started projects in the last five weeks that I never thought I’d know how to finish – and then I completed them. I started using programmes I’ve never even heard of in my life, and now I’m helping others use them. I started in the office nervous, almost shy of everyone around me, and now I’ve made friends.

What I’ve learnt in the last five weeks is that you just have to start. As soon as you start your project/task/whatever, then you’ll discover where to go from there. I’ve also learnt that you should never be afraid to ask for help – EVER.  I’ve learnt to write everything down, (my love of lists has definitely helped me at work).  Think outside the box, this may be hard when joining an already established company, but look at what they’re already doing/not doing, ask questions, and push the boundaries.  Lastly, I’ve learnt that a bit of research goes a long way – you want your company to start a Twitter account, you need to show your boss why.

Would love to hear about the lessons you’ve learnt from work, especially in new jobs. Hope everyone’s having a productive Monday.



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