Pure Romance Review

A while ago I posted (here) that I’d received some lovely products from Pure Romance, I finally got around to using them and I am very impressed! Their products are made in the US; you can shop online, host a party or become an agent here. They have agents in the US, South Africa, Australia and Puerto Rico. The company is pretty interesting; I suggest you give this a read.


Body Dew – After Bath Oil and Body Mist

This product has the most amazing fragrance. It’s great to rub on your skin after a hot bath or shower – really hydrating! I also found it very useful after a day on the beach when my skin gets rather dry from the sun, sand and salt water. I think it definitely stopped me from peeling after I spent a bit too much time in the sun in Plettenberg Bay. I wouldn’t use it every night though, as it is rather oily, but as a treat for my skin it’s perfect!

Kiss – Refreshing Body Splash (with pheromones) 

This product was easily my favourite – it’s a deliciously cooling spray, perfect for those hot summer days in Cape Town. Secret: put it in your fridge and then spray all over, it’s heavenly. It contains green tea extract (and pheromones apparently).



Glow – Shimmering Body Silk

This is perfect for a night out! It keeps your skin moisturized with it’s silk proteins and essential oils, AND it makes you sparkle. But not like Edward in Twilight sparkle, much sexier and more subtle.

Coochy – Rash Free Shaving Cream

My legs have never felt so smooth EVER. This is apparently Pure Romance’s number 1 most talked about product, and I can see why. I never want to shave without this again. They claim it can even double as an intense hair moisturiser, but I’m a bit scared to put this on my hair.

Escape – Bath and Shower Gel

Unfortunately I don’t have a bath in my flat (sad face), but I’ve been using this in the shower and its pretty lovely. Nothing will ever replace my Nivea HappyTime though.

All in all, I was rather impressed by the Pure Romance range. I’d never even heard of the brand before so this was a pleasant surprise. They sell a lot of other, um, interesting things that you can see for yourself here – don’t say I didn’t warn you!


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