Banner Adverts

An article on Digiday, by Brian Morrissey, highlighted some rather disturbing facts about banner adverts and led me to wonder (more than usual) why on earth people are still using them and trying to make them work.

According to the article, banner adverts have been around for about eighteen years – that’s eighteen years too long in my opinion. Maybe I hate banner adverts more than they everyday person, but really, I honestly can’t remember paying any attention to ANY banner advert in forever. No matter how many ipads they’re giving away, I still regard banner adverts as rubbish.

Next time you (or your marketing manager) if thinking about a banner advert, remind them of these facts:

1. Over 5.3 trillion display ads were served to U.S. users last year. (ComScore)
2. That’s 1 trillion more than 2009. (ComScore)
3. The typical Internet user is served 1,707 banner ads per month. (Comscore)
4. Click-through rates are .1 percent. (DoubleClick)
5. The 468 x 60 banner has a 0.04 percent click rate. (DoubleClick)
6. An estimated 31 percent of ad impressions can’t be viewed by users. (Comscore)
7. The display advertising Lumascape has 318 logos. (Luma Partners)
8. 8 percent of Internet users account for 85 percent of clicks. (ComScore)
9. Up to 50 percent of clicks on mobile banner ads are accidental. (GoldSpot Media)
10. Mobile CPMs are 75 cents. (Kleiner Perkins)
11. You’re more likely to survive a plane crash than click a banner ad. (Solve Media)
12. 15 percent of people trust banner ads completely or somewhat, compared to 29 percent for TV ads. (eMarketer)
13. 34 percent don’t trust banner ads at all or much, compared to 26 percent for magazine ads. (eMarketer)
14. 25-34-year olds see 2,094 banner ads per month. (ComScore)
15. 445 different advertisers delivered more than a billion banner ads in 2012. (ComScore)

Ok, so no more banner adverts yes?

Just in case you’re still not convinced, let’s read number eleven again.

You’re more likely to SURVIVE A PLANE CRASH than click a banner ad. (Solve Media).

You can read the full article on Digiday here. Hope you have a lovely banneradvert-free day.


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