Steenberg Wine Estate

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On Saturday morning we took our family from England to the Steenberg Wine Estate in Constantia. All ten of us decided to do a bit of wine tasting. I’d never been to Steenberg Wine Estate before and I was pleasantly surprised. When wine tasting you can choose between a complimentary tasting, or a R50 option and then you get to taste some of the more expensive wines (if you do buy any wine then you don’t have to pay for the tasting which is quite nice). We started off with their MCC (methode cap classique – because we can’t call it champagne anymore, thanks France). Their MCC was a bit too dry for my palate but I’m probably not the best judge; my favourite is the pink JC le Roux champers. We also got to taste a couple more of their wines, my personal favourite was the shiraz – so delicious.

The tasting room is beautifully decorated, there is a huge hanging display of red and white grapes. Feels really fancy, and you can sit outside – beautiful views! If you’re looking to do some wine tasting in Constantia I suggest you visit Steenberg if you haven’t before – reasonable wine tasting, great MCC (champers) and a perfect venue.


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