Silly Cosmopolitan


“COSMOPOLITAN magazine is the number one young women’s magazine in South Africa; an indispensable read for an army of loyal Fun, Fearless Females”

That is the Twitter bio of Cosmo Magazine, made for fun, fearless females. I received their newsletter today (I must have signed up in a brief moment of stupidity – probably to enter a competition, thats how they get you). Today’s newsletter included a great article called (wait for it…)

Signs He’s About To Dump You (Part Two)


  1. His idea of being naughty in public now involves asking for the waitress’s phone number in front of you.
  2. He just came over unexpectedly and found you in bed with your ex-boyfriend.
  3. You tell him you need more intimacy, and he patiently tells you that it’s just your silly imagination acting up.
  4. He always feels tired when you come over, and yet he’s often out with friends until 4am.
  5. He starts going out of town frequently on long ‘business’ trips even though he’s unemployed. Not only that, but he insists on taking the toothbrush he’s always kept at your place with him.

I’m rather concerned with the fact that a magazine written for “fearless females” is writing signs that girls should look out for in case their boyfriend is about to breakup with them. To me, this will just create insecurity and make some girls worry unnecessarily.  My favourite – number 2. Really Cosmo? Who writes this stuff?

You can see part one here. This includes other gems like:

“He puts everything you’ve ever left at his flat in a box he keeps at the bottom of his cupboard and claims it’s ‘just to make sure nothing gets lost.” 

Thanks for pointing that out Cosmo, we would never have guessed.

“Your friends keep ‘accidentally’ leaving copies of He’s Just Not That Into You at your place, then refusing to take them back until you’ve read the book cover to cover.”

Hahaha. This one is rather amusing. And if this is the way you’re friends are telling you that he’s about to break up with you, you need better friends.

Since Cosmo is a magazine for women (fun, fearless women, they say themselves), then why don’t they post more empowering articles. Why signs he’s about to end your relationship? The worst part of this article is when you see at the bottom ‘8 people like this on Facebook’. Really? I’m sad.



5 thoughts on “Silly Cosmopolitan

  1. First of all I flinch every time things (products/brands) aimed at women wear the “female” tag proudly. Wo-men (say it with me, silly brands.) Also, I’ve have NEVER gotten the warm and fussies from Cosmo as a 21-year old woman — it has always struck me as something for OTHER 21-year olds who didn’t mind being talked down to, be told what to do and that they don’t quite look pretty/sexy/cute enough. ugh. Lastly, is this thing for real!?

    They’ve always managed to trap me with sly things like an Adele cover or the “Twitter Queens” round up.

    1. I totally agree with you, it is a very condescending magazine, and it doesn’t empower females in anyway, only teaches them what they will need to say to men to “keep them interested” because being ourselves clearly isn’t enough. It is really for real, which is what makes me really sad. What happened to girl power and all of that?

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