Beau Constantia Winetasting

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After some wine tasting at Steenberg wine estate, {see post here}, we headed over to Beau Constantia (if you’re driving up Constantia Nek towards Hout Bay its just before the circle, on your left).

Beau Constantia has the most amazing tasting room that has a view of the entire Constantia Valley – perfect for tourists. Unfortunately the day we were they it was incredibly cloudy and gloomy; which you can see from the photos.

Their tasting was a bit cheaper that Steenberg, but you only got to taste three of their wines.  I felt a bit like we were paying for the view, but that was worth it, it was beautiful. There is not a lot of space in their tasting venue. There is one big table, and a few couches. The outside area is much bigger, but because of the weather we couldn’t sit there. (If the weather isn’t great, maybe phone the tasting room before to check how busy it is).

I will openly say that I don’t know tons about wine. For me, wine tasting is more about having some fun and experiencing the wine farm or tasting room. It’s about deciding if I want to come back for lunch, maybe buy some wine or have a picnic on the wine farm. Because of this I can’t really say much about the standard of the wine. I can however say that the staff at Steenberg Wine Estate took a lot more time to explain the wine we were tasting and I felt like I’d learnt a lot more.

The wine I did taste, and really did want to purchase was the Beau Constantia Rose, and unfortunately it was sold out. My dad did but some of their red Pas de Nom. In English, that means ‘No Name’. This wine is a tribute to their farm manager, Japie Bronn, who has been working on the Beau Constantia Farm for years. He did not want the credit so for the wine’s logo they used his beard.

All in all, it’s a lovely wine farm and the tasting room has stunning views. Perfect for tourists, but just make sure you go when the weather is great. Rather excited to go back on a beautiful day to experience that view again. You can visit their website here.


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