Constantia Glen

constantia glen constantia glen constantia glen constantia glen constantia glen

After visiting Steenberg Wine Estate {post here}, and Beau Constantia {post here}, we headed to Constantia Glen. You can actually see Constantia Glen from Beau Constantia, I’d never been there before and I was excited for some food – too much wine tasting and nothing to eat!

By the time we got to Constantia Glen I had lost interest in the wine and I was focused on the food. I decided not to taste at Constantia Glen (I was driving after all), and I opted instead for their homemade lemonade – which was delicious. Everyone else did they wine tasting and they were all very happy with the variety, explanation and our friendly waiter. Quite a lot of wine was bought!

We ordered a couple of bread and cheese platters for the table – and I was so happy! Four different types of cheese, freshly baked bread that was still warm, my stomach was so excited. It was also served with olives and a special jam made from the grapes of the farm.

I really enjoyed the time at Constantia Glen, even though the weather wasn’t great, we still had a great time and they have impeccable service. Delicious food was shared while enjoying a beautiful view of the Constantia valley – perfection.


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