Em’s Ombre

I’ve blogged about Ombre hair quite a few times. First I blogged about my inspiration {here} and then I actually did it, and I posted the DIY tutorial {here}. Now that I’m totally blonde I’m kinda missing my ombre. I was so happy when Emma started talking about maybe wanting to ombre her hair. Yesterday she came over to the flat and we got DIY-ing.

ombre hair DIY

Above is Emma’s before picture. We decided to focus on the bottom 10cm of her hair because it isn’t too long and we weren’t going for the dip-dye look.ombre hair DIY

I divided Em’s hair into about eight sections, and applied the peroxide to the bottom 3cm. We left this for about 15 minutes so that the tips of her hair would be VERY blonde. After 15 minutes we unwrapped the foil and checked the hair, the peroxide was working, so I applied it to the next 3cm. This was left for another 15 minutes. After this I applied the peroxide to the next 4cm of her hair. We left this on for only 10 minutes in order to ensure that the hair ‘fades’ to blonde. The sections of hair are wrapped in foil because this helps the peroxide to work faster. The product we used to peroxide her hair is the Kair Blonde Highlighting kit, You mix the decolouring powder with the activator stuff and you’re ready to go. (There are instructions inside the box, and it’s available from Pick n Pay and Clicks and all those kinda shops). It’s about R50 (depending on where you buy it), and it works perfectly.ombre hair DIYAnd here is Em’s after picture. After we’d removed the foil, and she used a very moisturising and conditioning treatment, (this is necessary because the peroxide does do a bit of damage to your hair). Beautiful ombre hair. When I did the ombre I found (although I really loved it) it looked a bit harsh. Because Em’s hair is already quite light, it looks almost natural. It took just over an hour in total, so really not that long.Really happy with how it turned out – hope Emma is too!


4 thoughts on “Em’s Ombre

  1. I’ve been wanting to do something with my hair for ages! I may just give this a go! Love the banner by the way, very cute 😉 have nominated you for The Versatile Bloggers Award! 🙂 -http://versatilebloggeraward.wordpress.com/

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