JC le Roux

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Everyone knows how much I love champagne, I mean I’ve even written about it before {have a look here}. I’ve been wanting to go to the tasting room at JC le Roux for as long as I can remember. I tried to go towards the end of last year but the tasting room was closed for renovations. It reopened in December and I’ve been even more desperate to visit since then.

Having family down from England is the perfect excuse to explore Cape Town a little bit more and act like a tourist. This is what I’ve been doing for the last week or so; visiting some wine farms and other touristy things. I suggested doing some champagne tasting and they were super keen so off we went.

It’s quite a drive from Cape Town, and it’s a little bit outside Stellenbosch, in the Devon Valley. If you’re into champagne like I am the drive is definitely worth it! If you’re wanting to go and taste some champers, booking is VERY important, they’re often full. Visit their site for more information.

Before you taste, you go through a room explaining the different products that they product at JC le Roux. You can also see straight into the factory and you can watch staff filling bottles with champers and the machines putting the corks into the bottles – very interesting. There are details signs about how to taste the different kinds, and they explain exactly what a MCC is (methode cap classique).

The nice thing about tasting at JC le Roux is that they have options. You can do a plain champagne tasting of five different champers, you can do a champers and marshmallow pairing or a champers and nougat pairing.

I decided to do the nougat pairing, for only R65 I thought it sounded delicious. Each glass of different champage was paired with a different piece of nougat. Each nougat was handmade especially for the champagne it is paired with, by a local nougat maker based in Stellenbosch. It was delicious, and the flavours were paired perfectly. I don’t want to give too much away about the deliciousness of this tasting, so you’re just going to have to go and try it for yourselves.

My favourite from JC le Roux is, of course, La Fleurette. It’s pink, sparkly and oh so delicious. I buy it whenever I have an excuse to drink it. (We enjoyed La Fleurette at Emma’s engagement tea yesterday!)

Visit the JC le Rou website here for more information about their tastings and tours – I definitely recommend it.


3 thoughts on “JC le Roux

  1. I have been wanting to go since I saw how beautifully renovated it is. Sounds like a lovely experience. If you are into unusual wine tasting consider the Waterford Wine Safari, a safari style ride through the vineyards (which are up a mountain so the views are incredible) and you taste and eat at different points throughout the trip. It is also located in Stellenbosch.

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