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With the family visiting from England, we had a little day trip to Babylonstoren. My mom had been there before, and she raved about it for weeks so I was rather excited. It is a bit of a drive though, so make sure you set aside a whole day for this lovely adventure. As you drive in you see the beautiful sign (the first photo), and you have to pay to enter. I think it was about R10 per person.

You then walk through the BEAUTIFUL gardens, it was amazing. As you walk you see turtoises, chickens, turkeys and a couple of spiders. They have so many different sections in their gardens. We saw fruit, berries, vegetarbles, EVERYTHING. Did you see the photo of the pear in the bottle? When the pear is tiny, they place the bottle over it. The pear then grows, they fill the bottle with liquer and you can buy it in their shop – it looks stunning.

We had lunch in the greenhouse which was incredible. You choose your bread and two fillings. Your sandwich comes with a huge salad, and some other yummy bits and pieces. I also tried their homemade lemonade which was so delish, their homemade ginger beer was a bit too strong for my liking.

You can visit their website here. Totally worth a visit if you haven’t been before!


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