Google Search

Google Search is a weird thing. Ok, what I actually mean is the stuff people actually type in to Google is weird. And then, even weirder, is how they get to my blog from what they’ve typed in. These are a few of the weird searches that lead people to this blog:

  • blondes don’t have more fun
  • surfing at seal island
  • taller sister
  • best friends drink champagne {i love that this leads to my blog!}
  • me blonde hair {who googles that?}
  • scary ombre
  • 50 shades of ginge
  • grade seven
  • love for beth
  • across 1,707 banner ads per month according to comscore
  • uct all nighter
  • 4288*3216
  • amazing looking girl
  • graffiti vegetarian
  • will it be weird after
  • helen tiger
  • ginger
  • no emotion cat
  • polar bear without fur
  • what is the meaning of the flower dinika
  • من بودي شوب
  • uct addrees
  • bear in a party hat {one of the top 5 searches}

Yes, this is the weird stuff that people search for, and then find my blog. When I type in some of these, like ‘polar bear with no fur’ I don’t find my blog at all, so I’m not entirely sure what’s going on with that.


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