Work Outfits

When I started my first real job a couple of months ago, I really wasn’t sure of what to wear. Trying to find an outfit for my first day was quite scary, I wasn’t sure how others in the office were dressed. I thought I might be underdressed, or too fancy, it was stressful! After my first day I realised the majority of people working in my office are quite relaxed, like jeans, heels and blazers relaxed. I was going to have to find some suitable outfits in my wardrobe. So I put these three outfits together (and I discovered that a lot of my work appropriate clothes come from Woolworths).

Outfit 1.
{basically all from Woolworths}

Peplum black lace top from Woolworths.

Grey pencil skirt from Woolworths.

Black wedge heels from Woolworths.

Seiko watch.

100_3655 (1)

Outfit 2.

Grey knit dress from Woolworths.

Turquoise blazer from Jayjays.

Brogues from Primark.


Outfit 3.

Purple jersey form Woolworths.

Grey pencil skirt from Woolworths.

Brogues from Primark100_3659


6 thoughts on “Work Outfits

      1. Lolls, totally agree.. love topshop and all but if H&M came to town… phew.. we could all dress better!!!!

  1. These are good looks. I don’t know how I’d cope if I had to work for a corporate… Guess that’s why I’m a creative, huh. Love your brogues and grey dress.

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