5gum and The Kooks

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On Saturday night I was lucky enough to be Mich’s date for The Kooks. I had entered quite a few times, but alas (just like what happened with 2 door cinema club), I did not get a ticket. Thankfully Mich won and I got to be her plus one. We parked at the Maitland High School and waited to catch a bus to the secret venue.

The venue turned out to be an old warehouse/film studio about 10 minutes away from where we parked. You had to walk for about 5 minutes before you got to the warehouse, and it was a bit spooky. We all could have died and noone would have known any better.

Once inside, everything looked amazing. The was a long bar, which meant the queue was never too bad, (and the prices weren’t too unrealistic either). Free gum everywhere. And, no jokes, every good-looking person in Cape Town was there, like every single one.

Beach Party were on stage when we arrived, after that it was December Streets – which I really enjoyed. There was a bit of a lull, and then… The Kooks arrived on the stage and went straight into Ooh La. It was incredibly. Their encore was Naive and I could’ve died happy right there. You can see their full setlist here.

Absolutely perfect night, well done 5gum for organised an awesome concert. Just one hint for next time, everything ran smoothly until the end when people were going crazy trying to get on the buses. I was surprised that noone was runover to be honest. Maybe try to contain the crowd in one area? Apart from that, absolutely amazing evening. 5gum, who are you bringing here next?

{photos from the 5gum page}


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