Girls Weekend in Greyton

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On the weekend we all escaped from the city and had a lovely getaway in Greyton. The reason for this getaway was Kez’s birthday – which is on Thursday. We arrived in the dark after work on Friday, but had a delicious dinner and some girl talk. After a good night’s sleep, we woke up on Saturday morning and ventured off into town for the market.

Greyton is a beautiful little town, and very lively too. The market was really busy, but I have to admit, we were the ten girls who were DEFINITELY not from here. We tried some goat’s cheese, bought some homemade lemon cordial, tried some veggie samoosas and bought early mother’s day presents. After the market we explored the rest of the town (more like the main road). We found a charity thrift store and did some shopping. We finally found the chocolate factory that we’d been hearing so much about (post about that coming soon), and we found a place to have dinner, Abbey Rose.

We walked back to the house to get some lunch – delicious wraps with roasted  butternut, yum! After lunch; Tarryn, Em and I started making the slutty brownies (more on that later). We then decided to talk a walk down to the river, we saw horses and just generally enjoyed the country life. After the walk we came back to the house, got ready, and went for dinner at Abbey Rose.

Sunday morning we woke up to another beautiful day in Greyton. The weather had been so nice the whole weekend – I’d packed as if it was going to snow! Was sad to leave Greyton and come back to reality, was a lovely weekend away.


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