Home Sweet Home

100_3978 100_3971 100_3976 100_3979 100_3980 100_3982 100_3984 100_3988100_3986100_3987 100_3991 100_3993100_3992 I’ve been in my flat for over five months now, and I’m loving it. It really feels like home and everything has its place. These are some of my favourite parts of the flat.

  1. Beautiful picture of the girls and I in Kalk Bay, was given to me for my birthday.
  2. My motto for this year, on my dressing table.
  3. Stunning print by Michelle Baron, and bunting from BowPeep.
  4. Lucky bamboo.
  5. I’m a little obsessed with grey, and hearts. Love candle holder from Row.
  6. My little tins, they’re my favourite! (from Mr Price Home)
  7. Kraftisan Puzzle Pinup on my fridge.
  8. Photo from Matric.
  9. Paris-themed calendar from Typo.
  10. Chalkboard my grandpa made for me.
  11. Beautiful blackbird hook from TinTown.
  12. Photo of my dad and I, and a heart lantern my aunt made.
  13. Where the Wild Things are – my favourite!
  14. Some marketing textbooks, and photo of friends.

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