Glow Cape Town

100_3999 100_4004 100_4005 100_4009Thanks to Lipgloss is my life, I won a spraytan from Glow Cape Town a little while ago. I’ve never had a spraytan before, so I was a little excited but pretty nervous. Would I turn orange? Eeeeek. I waited a few weeks before I organised the session because I was trying to calm myself down. I saw that Lipgloss is my life and a few other Cape Town bloggers had tried it out and spoken about Glow Cape Town, and they all didn’t look orange at all so I booked my appointment.

The absolutely amazing thing about Tamryn from Glow, is that she can come to your house. I work everyday, and sometimes only get home after 6pm, so it was a huge bonus to me that she could come over at 8pm on a week night.

Making a plan with a stranger for her to come to your house and spray you is slightly scary. Thankfully, Tamryn is a lovely lady who puts you at ease the second you meet her. Within minutes you feel like she’s a friend of yours, and the whole being half naked and getting a spray tan from her is completely natural.

She set up her little spray tent thing in my lounge in all of five seconds. And then it began. I think the whole experience was over in under thirty minutes. Tamryn makes you feel so comfortable, and it’s over so quickly. After she was finishing I really didn’t think I was THAT tanned, until I looked in the mirror and saw the tan-line!

The tan looked so natural. I got so many compliments, especially from some ladies at work who said I looked like I’d bee relaxing on a tropical island for the last few days. They were so happy when I gave them Tamryn’s business card!

To contact Tamryn, visit her website Glow Cape Town. You can also follow her on twitter here, and see her facebook page here. She also does make-up lessons and bridal make-up!


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