The Woodlands Market

100_4034 100_4035 100_4036 100_4037 100_4038100_4041 100_4039 100_4043 100_4045100_4042 100_4046 100_4047 100_4049 100_4051100_4050 100_4052Last night Emma, Michelle & I decided to go and check out the Woodlands night market. It happens once a month at the Woodlands Eatery. If you’ve never been to the Woodlands Eatery before, go now! They have the most divine pizzas ever, and decor that I would kill for. Think Cafe Royale, but even better and quirkier.

The market happens on a Monday night, once a month. The market is very small, only seven stalls, but they have the most beautiful things. We saw Leila from Bow Peep, (you can still enter the competition to win lovely things from Bow Peep – enter here), who had a lovely stall as always. There was some other jewellery, cacti, stunning prints and brooches, napkins and delicious cupcakes. As you can see, we couldn’t decide what cupcake to get, so we got one of each!

The market is very intimate, and perfect for winter in Cape Town as it’s indoors. Find the Facebook page here to stay in the loop about the Woodlands Market.



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