Lush Cavendish Launch

100_4072100_4070 100_4073 100_4077 100_4078 100_4098 100_4102 100_4117 100_4126 100_4128 100_4130 100_4134 100_4139 100_4141 100_4145On Saturday Beth and I ventured out in the cold for the launch of the Cavendish branch of LUSH. They do already have a branch in the Waterfront but I haven’t been there yet so I was still very excited about this. As we walked in, we were handed some champers and I was instantly happy – LUSH must know how much I love champers.

LUSH is very against animal testing, and none of their ingredients are tested on animals. They are very much into natural, fresh, handmade and preservative-free products. I mean, their mascara has one preservative, only because it has to, crazy.

The shop has this incredible smell and you feel a bit like a child who has woken up on Christmas morning to an insanely large pile of presents. We were shown around by a shop assistant who knew so much about the brand and answered any question that we possibly had. She also demonstrated the Twilight bath ball; first the water turns pink, then blue, then purple, and then there is glitter everywhere!

The sell fresh facemasks that are stored on ice in the store – so fresh! If you buy one you have to keep it in the fridge at home. It really makes me wonder about all the stuff they put into other face masks that are fine sitting on the shelves of whatever shops for weeks or months!

We walked through the shop taking photos and trying out everything from makeup to solid shampoo bars and scrubs. Everything in the store is super cool, I mean, they have special sea salt spray to get that beachy hair look every day of the year – I’m obsessed.

If you haven’t already been to the Waterfront branch, I definitely recommend you go and visit the Cavendish LUSH. Beautiful products, not tested on animals and everything looks and smells amazing. Their great packaging totally pulls me in; I’m such a sucker for good marketing.


4 thoughts on “Lush Cavendish Launch

  1. I haven’t ever been to a Lush, but after seeing those amazing pictures, and reading about your experience, I can’t wait till the moment I can rush over to my nearest store!

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