The Great Gatsby – round two

gg1Last night I went to go and see The Great Gatsby again, Charl, Matt and I are just a bit too obsessed with it  and definitely needed to see it again. We decided to go and watch it at The Labia because we’d already seen it in 3D and because I’d never been to The Labia before.

Ok, so why has noone ever told me that you can drink while watching a movie at The Labia? If I’d known this I definitely would have been going there for years instead of Ster Kinekor. You can have a vodka/gin slushy for only R25. Yes, I said R25. Also, the popcorn comes in a cute little brown bag for R12. AND THE MOVIE ITSELF ONLY COST R30. This is why I may never go back to Ster Kinekor, vodka slushies!

Gatsby is the perfect movie to watch at The Labia, you feel like you’ve gone back in time and it’s beautiful. This is however, until the guy behind you has a coughing fit and the person text to you thinks that this is the very moment they need to check their phone and the blinding light distracts you.

If yo haven’t already seen Gatsby (WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU) then go and watch it at The Labia, with a R25 vodka slushy. You’re welcome.


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