Thursday Blues?

Do you have the Thursday blues? Exhausted and just wishing it was Friday? Do you need an instant pick-me-up? Will they not allow you to have a quick vodka & redbull at work? Are you about to just close your laptop and run out of the office because excel keeps on unexpectedly shutting down and you’ve had enough?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above questions. I have just the thing for you. Here’s the cure to the Thursday blues:

1. Robin Thicke’s eyes. Just look at them.  {Just for you Charl}

1 2. Katy Perry dancing. {get off your chair and have a quick dance, don’t worry – your coworkers won’t look at you weirdly at all}

tumblr_inline_mobx834fEv1qz4rgp3. Think about cats. Cats make everything better.


4. Remember that it’s payday next week.

moneyAnd there you go. Thursday blues all cured. Hope your day only gets better. If not, just re-read this post. Cats, Robin Thicke’s eyes and money always work.


3 thoughts on “Thursday Blues?

  1. This is such an awesome post!

    Lucky enough in Dubai we have thursday as the last working day of the week. So with every minute life just gets better.

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