Fairview – The Goat Shed

the goatshed fairview 100_4236 100_4238 100_4240 fairview Fairview 100_4244 100_4247 100_4248 100_4249 100_4251 100_4253 100_4259 100_4261 100_4266 cheese tasting fairview 100_4281 100_4283 100_4286

On Sunday, on the way home from Tulbagh, the girls and I decided to go to Fairview for a bit of wine tasting and lunch. We phoned ahead and were told that the restaurant was fully booked until 3pm, they’re crazy busy on a Sunday. We did the wine and cheese tasting in the tasting room which was amazing. Some personal favourites ‘Goats do Roam’ and ‘The Goatfather’, The cheese and wine tasting combined was R25 – bargain. We tried the Paarl Granite, Blue Rock and so many other delicious cheeses. After the tasting we went to The Goat Shed where they had a table for us.

We had a delicious lunch, dishes included the chicken pie, cheese board, fruit/veggie salad stuff, roast veggie panini, eisbein, and a few others. We even tried the dessert – the cheesecake was amazing, which is what you expect from a place that makes cheese.

It was a beautiful day, with all of my beautiful friends, and the perfect end to our weekend away in Tulbagh.


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