Wellness Breakfast

image photoMet Talya, Gabi and Nicky for a very late breakfast (ok it was after 12pm, so it was really lunch) at the Wellness Cafe on Kloof Street on Saturday. It is THE best breakfast spot, Tal and I are always meeting there.

We really struggled to decide what to order, so in the end we chose the gluten-free pancakes (that come with the most delicious dairy-free icecream) and the gluten-free banana french toast. We shared both of them to avoid missing out on any of the deliciousness.

Wellness Warehouse is the greatest, especially if you have any dietary requirements, they have dairy-free this and gluten-free that. Its really awesome. The ONLY downside is that it’s not open on a Sunday, why?!

If you’re looking for a healthy breakfast spot in and around town, I’d totally recommend you go and try out Wellness Warehouse. They have lovely smoothies too if you’re just looking for a quick snack.

{The lovely images above were taken by Talya Goldberg}


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