Texts & Whatsapps

So, last night after a couple of drinks, two friends and I got talking about texting. You know, texting someone you kinda like. Then we moved on to Whatsapp, how it’s pretty much the worse thing that’s ever happened because now you can know FOR SURE when someone has seen your message and just decided not to reply. (Ok, until they maybe send you a message a while later saying they were driving/busy/insert lame excuse here).

After talking about this for a good while, we got down to the real shit, why does this still happen? Why are we still playing games and worrying about what to write back to that Whatsapp message to keep the conversation going? I definitely would’ve thought that after being on this planet for so long; us humans would have streamlined this whole dating thing.

What it all came down to last night, after a good few gin & tonics, was that people just need to BE MORE DIRECT. That’s all we need. We could just skip the whole cringe messaging thing altogether.

texting 1 texting 3 textnig 2


3 thoughts on “Texts & Whatsapps

  1. I’m all for a guy pursuing a woman and I believe in the old fashioned roles in (certain aspects of) relationships.

    However it’s still nice every once in awhile to hear from a girl first when you’re dating and know that she is thinking of you as well. The ‘rules’ are loosened up these days, I think everyone should just do what feels right. 😉

    – James

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