Picnics & Wine Safaris at Warwick Wine Estate

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Last weekend Talya, Gabi and I went on a little road trip to Warwick Wine Estate. We’d been invited to a picnic, and because I’d never been to Warwick, I was very excited. I checked out the website a couple of days because to have a little sneak peek and it looked beautiful.

We arrived at Warwick Wine Estate and it was beautiful. We had our picnic under an umbrella on the grass next to a little dam. Tanya and Tammy also joined us for the picnic. We got to try their delicious Sauvignon Blanc – which is light and perfect for summer. Then the picnics arrived.  We were spoilt for choice. Qunioa, beetroot and goat’s cheese salad (so delicious), fresh ciabatta rolls, pesto, cheese, grilled beef (which Talya said was amazing), cheesecake in a jar and so many other yummy things.

After our picnic we went on a wine safari. Well, I wasn’t exactly sure what it was until it started. You go on a little 4×4 drive through the vineyards. You stop at various points and the guide tells you a bit about that particular type of grape. There is also an amazing view point right at the top of the wine farm, but it was a bit too windy to stop and have a drink when we were there. Definitely need to go back for that!

wine safari


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