On Saturday I went to MCQP. I am still recovering. Katie, Stam and I headed through to Three Anchor Bay to have some predrinks and get ready with Matt, Charl and the rest of the boys. Dylan was the lovely host of our predrinks, and we drank to this view. (I know it’s amazing, also – his balcony is bigger than my entire flat!)

predrinksAfter a good few gin and tonics, we started to get ready. This involved me putting make-up on many boys, spray painting Adrian’s hair, giving a certain someone a spray tan and various other exciting activies. Eventually, we were ready to walk over to the Green Point Stadium. And we looked like this:

mcqp6Later on (when it was a bit darker) our lights looked pretty awesome. Thank you to Charl for organising our outfits and making everything come together!

This year was the 20th anniversary of MCQP, and it was held at the Green Point Stadium. The venue looked AMAZING. There were so many different stages and dancefloors, I’m not even 100% sure if I managed to see all of them! The decor was literally out of this world, and I wish I’d taken more photos of that.

mcqp5 mcqp4 mcqp3Bumped into some of the lovely ladies from A Fashion Friend, was great to see you Raya & Olga! Also made some new friends, say hello to my new bestie Dino (below).

mcqp1This year was my first time at MCQP, and I had the best time ever. If you’ve never been, put it in your calendar for next year, you cannot miss this!

For more photos, find me on instagram.


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