Wonderland Wigs

I’ve never thought about buying a wig, ever. I mean, why would I? But then, I stumbled upon Wonderland Wigs and now I’m slightly obsessed. They don’t just do wigs, they do ponytails, hair pieces, extensions, eyelashes, accessories and so much more! If you’re looking for Christmas presents, to kill a bit of time at work or just for some hair inspiration, you need to visit their website NOW.

I got their chunky flower plait hair band in boho blonde. BEST LIFE DECISION EVER. I was totally sold by this photo on their website of Ellie Goulding wearing it – who doesn’t want to look like her?

ellieOnce I had chosen my lovely headband, I kinda forgot about it for a while, until I got this lovely parcel from England. I was so confused, but happy that someone form over there was sending me things. And then when I opened it I found this:

mcqpwigI mean, how amazing? I was so excited, but I really wanted to wear it to something special when I used it for the first time. A few weeks went by, and then MCQP. The theme was space cowboys so the big plait was perfect for a Princess Leia inspired look. I just turned it around so you couldn’t see the flowers (we went for all black at MCQP).

wig2 wig1











And now you have seen the braid. I’ve got a few more plans for the next couple of months which include this stunning hair piece, so stay tuned. You might even see the flowers with the next outfit!

I’ve been exploring the Wonderland Wigs website for a while now, and here is the next product I’m lusting after:

demi pink hairPink dipdye hair extensions! Yes please! You can find this on their website here. Just remember that they’re based in England, so delivery might take a tiny bit longer to get to South Africa.


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