5 4 3 2 16On Monday, Phil and I took a bit of a day trip to Paternoster. He’s visiting from London for the next few weeks and even though he’s from Cape Town, he’s been acting like a real tourist. First we had to stop in Table View on the way so he could get his cheesy Table Mountain photo. (Then of course I had to have one too).

We got to Paternoster and it was beautiful! A bit windy, but apart from that it was perfect. We had a long walk along the beach, admiring the cute little white houses that make you feel like you’ve escaped to some small town in Greece and that you’re definitely not still in the Western Cape. I tried to make Phil swim, but he said that water was far too cold. Not a real tourist then!

Then it was lunch time. Lunch plans in Paternoster caused me some stress. For weeks I’d been asking around on where the best place to eat was, and I kept on being told that there was an amazing restaurant with a red roof, but NOONE could tell me the name. I resorted to doing my own research and then eventually doing some Google Image searches to try and see which restaurant had a red roof, such a mission!

The winning red roof restaurant was Voorstrand, and it’s totally right on the beach. We sat outside and totally started drooling at the sight of the menu. We just couldn’t decide. Eventually we both went with the seafood platter, which was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. 6 mussels, 4 prawns, hake, calamari and 4 snoek samoosas. It was incredible.

After the huge lunch we were definitely thinking about having a nap in the car, but instead we drove home through Langebaan and even thought we might have a quick swim there but we were blown away – SO WINDY. We did make a little pit stop at a farm stall because Phil had been whining about having koeksusters.

It was such a lovely day, and reminded me that you don’t have to travel very far to feel like you’re on holiday. Coming back to work the next day was rather tough!

I was totally inspired to go to Paternoster by Talya and Lucas, who are always raving about the place. Thanks guys – it was lovely!


One thought on “Daytripping!

  1. You should have asked me about the restaurant name!! ha love Voorstrand – there are 3 other AHMAZING restaurants in Paternoster and next time you have to go to the beautiful Abalone Hotel for tea 🙂 x

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