Let your blonde have more fun

I reviewed the Marilyn hair treatment from LUSH on Smudged – obsessed with this product!



“Beneath the makeup and behind the smile I am just a girl who wishes for the world.”

Well said, Marilyn. I wish for the world, I also wish for brighter and blonder hair (because I’m a fake blonde as we’ve chatted about before). All every fake blonde wishes for (I’m guessing here) if for our hair to stay blonder for longer, and to get rid of those orange/brassy undertones that appear out of NOWHERE after a few weeks. WHERE DO THEY COME FROM?

A while ago (here) we spoke about gentian violet and other hair care tips for fake blondes. Today I bring you the HOLY GRAIL of hair products for fake blondes: the Marilyn hair treatment from LUSH. It’s a pre-wash treatment (this was a new field to me) and it works like a charm!marilyn-hair-1

When I say holy grail, I literally mean run to your nearest…

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