More Dove Love

New post on Smudged today – I’m talking all about one of my favourite products by Dove 🙂


Hey guys, its your favourite fake blonde again! I feel like I’m forever talking about products for fake blondes and how to keep your blonde looking brighter for longer, but I just can’t help that I’m so passionate about it.  I’ve been blonde for just over a year now, and I’ve spent a bit of time looking back and deciding whether I want to go back to my natural colour or not. (Spoiler alert: I’m staying blonde!) I will be posting soon about my journey from brunette to blonde, how long it took and all of that, but today I’m just talking about another product that has improved the condition of my peroxided hair.


Yes, it’s another Dove product. This leave in conditioning spray is available from Clicks, Dischem and all of those kinda stores, and it’s about R40. Is it worth it? YES. This product will soon be…

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