Girls take over Elands Bay

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In January we had a girls weekend away in Elands Bay, we drove up after work on Friday and we got there just after dark. We had a lovely dinner and a couple of drinks before bed. (Tarryn and I may have had more than a couple of drinks, we may have ended up in the freezing cold pool talking and laughing until 2am, just maybe)

Saturday we went for a lovely long walk on the beach and tried to swim in the freezing cold water, eeeek. After that we went to Fryer’s Cove for some winetasting and a bit of lunch. We ate out on the pier, it was stunning. If you’re headed to Fryer’s Cove, definitely taste some of their wine, their vineyards are pretty close to the sea which gives it an interesting flavour.

We spent the rest of Saturday in the pool and later on Emma and I even had a very quick swim in the sea – it was freaking cold! More drinks in the heated pool and some time with beautiful friends in the sun; it was the perfect Saturday.

Sunday we went for another walk on the beach and spent a good few hours in the pool soaking up the sun. Eventually we had to pack up and go home. Was rather sad to be leaving Elands Bay after another great weekend away.


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