Hermanus Getaway

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In December I joined Katie and her family in Hermanus for the best beach holiday I’ve had recently (in South Africa). I hadn’t been to Hermanus in years, and had totally forgotten how much I love this little town. We stayed on the cliffs, just outside the centre of town, but had many braais at the house on the lagoon.

We walked along the beach, swam in the sea, drank G&Ts, had sushi with a sea view, tanned, swam in the pool, drank more G&Ts, had more iced coffee than I thought was humanly possible, tanned even more and completely relaxed. It was wonderful.

We also had a sneaky mid-week getaway for New Year’s Eve to Riviersondereind, where friends of mine were organised a bit of a party in the forest. After NYE we came back to Hermanus to unwind a little bit more before we had to go back to work.



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