Coffee catch-up

Yesterday I had a VERY overdue catch-up with the lovely Talya. We went to Four and Twenty  in Wynberg, which is quickly becoming one of my favourite coffee spots. We finally got to catch-up on EVERYTHING from work, to blogs, to how on earth we ever got through our degrees, to the Clinique chubby sticks and so much more. We tried a couple of their incredible pastries, which taste even better than they look (if that is even possible). I totally recommend their granadilla meringue pie, sooooo good.

coffee tal coffee tal1 After Four and Twenty we decided that we still had more to talk about, so we ended up going to The Creamery in Dean Street. If you haven’t been to The Creamery yet – what are you doing with your life? I tried the delicious Rosetta Roastery coffee and the seasalt caramel (obviously). They also had a rather strange butternut flavour, which we tried and I’m still unsure of how I feel about tal2

Our conversation took a bit of a different turn at The Creamery ( #jessandtalgetfit) , but I’ll spill more about that later!

{Bottom two photos taken by Talya Goldberg – you can follow her on Instagram here}


2 thoughts on “Coffee catch-up

  1. Best – loved catching up and cannot wait for #jessandtalgetfit officially commencing on the 19th of March, i wanna be the girl with the most cake for my birthday!! x

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