Contiki buddies reunited in Cape Town

A while ago my friend Jess (from Australia) who I met on Contiki in 2011 sent me a message on Facebook saying that she was coming to Cape Town! It was so nice to be reunited and to catchup and all that has happened in the last three years. I met Jess and her boyfriend at the Noordhoek Market (one of my favourite spots for showing tourists just how amazing my city is) and they were very impressed. The Noordhoek Market at Cape Point Vineyards is the most beautiful market I know, and the weather was perfect! We had the steak rolls from Kitchen Cowboys and some delicious apple cider.




A few days later we met up again at Beer House in Long Street, I had to make sure that they experienced a night out in Cape Town, and Long Street is the perfect place. We had a few drinks at Beer House and tried some rather interesting beers. The pumpkin ale was pretty weird, but the berry beer was incredible – definitely need to go back to have some of that again!jess3

jess5It was so great to have Jess and her boyfriend in my home town and to show them around a bit. Even after three years of not seeing eachother (and when we did meet, we only spent two weeks together) it was like catching up with an old friend. We reminisced about our Contiki memories and what everyone else was up to, it was great!

(Also, if you’ve got tourists here, you HAVE to take them to the Noordhoek Market!)


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