Two weekends ago we had Em’s tea and bachelorette. After lots of strategy meetings and many planning sessions, us bridesmaids had it all under control. We had the tea at Michelle’s house, where we played a couple of games (thank you Pinterest) and even had a photobooth (fancy shizz yo!). Then we got all dressed up, Jodi (from Smudged) did Em’s make-up and we were off! First stop was Panchos – Mexican is Em’s fantasy! We had dinner and a few too many frozen cocktails here. All the guests got goodie bags and the festivities properly began. After Panchos we had a few drinks around Obs, then we went to Deco Dance (with all of the other bachelorette parties that were happening in Cape Town that night, brides everywhere!). After Deco Dance we headed to Tiger because we just didn’t want the night to end. There are a few censored photos from the afternoon and night. We had too much fun!

b9The beautiful bride to be!


 It’s the bride and meeee! We all got awesome flat peak caps embroidered because the groom is ALWAYS wearing one. 

b2It’s ALL the girls!


b1Cocktails at Panchos!

b7The bride to be looking SEXAY!

If you’re feeling brave and would like to see some of the uncensored photos, check out #emsgettinghitched on Instagram!


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