Devil’s Pool in Zambia

I’m off to Zambia tomorrow for work and I’m super excited. Can’t wait to explore! The one place that I won’t be able to get to in Zambia, but I am dying to visit is Devil’s Pool. If you google this incredible place the photos you find look absolutely amazing but also a bit scary. It’s been labeled the most dangerous pool in the world, but it just looks so beautiful.

devils pool1The naturally formed Devil’s Pool is on the edge of Victoria Falls on the Zambian side. Between September and December, when the Zambezi River is normally at the right level, there is a rock barrier that forms and it means that the more adventurous swimmers can take a dip and truly live life on the edge of Victoria Falls! (The scary part is that there have been a couple of deaths here over the years when people have slipped over the barrier… eeek!)


For a small fee you are taken on a hike through the forest until you get to Devil’s Pool. You can then hop in and defy death on the edge of Victoria Falls. Is it just me or does that sound incredible? (Click here for some photos of other crazy people defying death…I’m so tempted now!)

devils pool3devils pool If you are curious like me and really want to check out the Devil’s Pool, you have to stay at The Falls Resort, firstly because it looks incredible (totally luxury accommodation!) , and secondly because you can only access Devil’s Pool through the Tongabezi company that is located in the Royal Livingstone Hotel.

After seeing some of these photos, Devil’s Pool and Victoria Falls are number 1 on my travel list.


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2 thoughts on “Devil’s Pool in Zambia

  1. Hi there – Fabulous blog! We love your background so much!
    We do manage Livingstone island and the devils’ pool but we are not located in the Royal Livingstone but a more exclusive lodge upstream from the Falls… for more

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