Clinique 3 Step

my thoughts on the Clinique 3 Step that I posted about on Smudged Beauty


Ok, seriously, I don’t think that I’ve ever been this cold in my life. It’s taking me longer than usual to type because my fingers are still defrosting. Eeeeeek. Anyway, back to the point. Today, I’m talking all about Clinique. I spoke about a couple of their product that I love a few weeks ago here and today I’ve got more to share with you all.

My skin is doing pretty great at the moment, it’s not too oily, not too dry, it’s looking good and healthy and I’m really happy. I think, one of the main reasons that my skin is doing really well at the moment is because I’m finally looking after it properly. I’m drinking enough water, getting enough sleep (ok, let’s be real here, I’m really not getting nearly enough sleep) and I’m using the 3 step from Clinique every day, twice a day (ok, almost…

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